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Stige Senteret AS was established in March 1998

Our areas of focus are product knowledge, service, innovation and a large product range. In addition to manufacturing our own brands, we are working closely with our collaborators in Europe and Asia with product development and innovative solutions among other things.

For us «the customer is always in focus». We prioritize quality and safety in our products, whether they are made for professional use or for the home, hobby and leisure segment. We test and certify our products so that they comply with the standards and receive the approvals that the market demands, to ensure that the user can do their work safely both at work and at home. 

Stige Senteret work closely with approval organs such as SINTEF and TÜV among others, and we are members of the committee called Samarbeide for Sikkerhet i Bygg og Anlegg (SfS BK).

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Stige Senteret is divided into two departments

The Retail department
The Retail department offers products for resale via dealers. The product range is targeting both the construction market and the industry/hardware market. We deliver both to sole dealers and to several of the leading store chains in Norway. The product range is expanding continuously, and our latest addition is a brand new Khiment model program with ladders, step ladders, stool ladders and more.

Avdeling Prosjekt og Byggeteknisk (read: Project and Civil Engineering)
The Prosjekt og Byggeteknisk department offers customized solutions for industry, buildings and construction sites. The department has high product knowledge, competence and experience from from larger projects. We deliver products like escape/inspection ladders, platforms, stairs, special constructions and much more.

Stige Senteret AS is a renowned supplier for the professional market. Via a well established network all over the country, our products are always available wherever they are needed.


Contact us, and let us help you find the best solution possible

Our experienced team and knowledgeable employees can help answer your questions when you need it! Please contact us by phone +47 69 33 95 00or send an e-mail to post@stigesenteret.no

Stige Senteret – Innovation, Competence and Quality since 1998


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